Well, I have finished my D.Min. in Biblical Preaching thesis – it is online at www.opensourcelectionary.com. As I was writing it, I realized that biblical preaching is a never ending challenge, a goal one never accomplishes once and for all. Biblical preaching is a lifelong vocation, living at the intersection of the local church, the world, and Scripture, moving from the congregation’s context to Scripture and back again in a continuous cycle.
A particular challenge for the working preacher is to stay connected to the world of biblical and theological scholarship after seminary. Certainly, no one can stay abreast of every current in scholarship, much less a full time pastor. And yet, we are not thereby absolved of responsibility to continue to be formed and re-formed as biblical preachers, reading not just our same old study Bibles and same old commentaries (and falling back on our same old Internet resources), but continuing to learn and grow by staying connected with the great cloud of witnesses, past and present. How can we stand on the shoulders of giants in our preaching if we don’t even know the giants? How can we have a fresh perspective on Scripture if we don’t look refresh our view?
Lately, I’ve been doing more reading of biblical and theological works. However, I have a tendency to read and then move on, without much reflection. So, as old fashioned as it may seem, I am going to blog again: blog about forming and reforming a biblical worldview for preaching and faith formation. It’s nothing earth shattering or unique, of course: a preacher’s public journal. Beyond that, I am not going to give any specifics, but simply try to write regularly as I read and reflect. It’s the reflection that’s a challenge.

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