Welcome to Lemonholm.com, the personal website of Pastor Eric Lemonholm. This website is a sermon repository, a public journal, a soul project in the making.

This website is an exercise in remembering the occasional writings of a pastor and weekly preacher.  After years of not adding to this site, I am back. My purpose is to welcome you along on a journey of the soul, to let the Spirit speak to you through my faltering prose, as the Spirit speaks to me through the lives and words of many.

In 2019, I will be writing while I read through the Bible. Find recent posts on the right –>.  Click here for the introduction.

I am the pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Rockford, Illinois.  Our church’s website is http://www.goodshepherdrockford.org/.  We are excited to pursue God’s mission of Living and Sharing Jesus together!

Last but not least, I developed a website as part of my Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Preaching thesis: http://opensourcelectionary.com/ Check it out!

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