Family History

Recently, I have begun putting together the stories of our family history.  It will be a many year’s process, of course, but I hope to make available to the rest of my family, and future generations, the stories and pictures of our ancestors who have come before us.

Here is a video of Duluth and Isle Royale, ca. 1928, by my grandpa Henry Dahl (keep watching to see the Incline Railroad):

Duluth and Isle Royale, ca. 1928 from Eric Lemonholm on Vimeo.

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2 replies on “Family History”

Hi ,Eric!
Just a quick note to let you know that we check your frequently. We especially love
your family pictures, the piano duets, sermons, and now your family history.
Also, David and Amanda moved to Seattle, WA. David already found a job, and is working. Amanda is still on the job search.
Eric is going to decide in the next couple of months whether he will remain in Minnesota, or move this fall to a warmer climate. Sooner or later he would like to get out of the cold Minnesota winters!
Steven just completed his 5th year as sustitute teacher. Currently, he is painting indoors.
I, for sure, am retired!!! I keep busy, so that’s not a problem!
Greetings to Mindy & family,

Thank you, Louise! It’s great to hear from you – I’ve got to try to keep this site more up to date.
Greet Steve for us – and Eric and David.

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