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Family History

Recently, I have begun putting together the stories of our family history.  It will be a many year’s process, of course, but I hope to make available to the rest of my family, and future generations, the stories and pictures of our ancestors who have come before us.

Here is a video of Duluth and Isle Royale, ca. 1928, by my grandpa Henry Dahl (keep watching to see the Incline Railroad):

Duluth and Isle Royale, ca. 1928 from Eric Lemonholm on Vimeo.

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Nels Holm’s Story

Here is the story of my great-great grandfather Nels Leonard Holm, which a distant cousin had translated back in 1989.  The names of the cousin and the translator have been removed by request.  Nels died in 1944.   3/28/90 TO HOLM FAMILY MEMBERS: These pages were handwritten in Swedish by Nils Leonard Holm probably when …

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Kindall Saga

  THE SAGA OF CHRISTINE AND ANDREW KINDALL This is the story of my paternal grandmother’s (Bea Holm) maternal grandparents and their family, as pieced together and written down by my Grandma in 1984.   July, 1984 Dear Ginny: Clint and I have always felt that the story of some events in the lives of …

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