January 10

Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8:1-17

Isaac does not get to play a big part in the story of Genesis – he does not even get to go and find his wife Rebekah.  But it seems that he loved his mother Sarah very much, and he grows to love Rebekah too.  It is notable that Isaac and Ishmael together bury their father Abraham after his death.  Rebekah has twins, and had a difficult pregnancy.  Esau was born first covered with red hair, with Jacob gripping Esau’s heel coming second.  In Hebrew, this scene is humorous, since Esau’s other name Edom sounds like the word for red, while Jacob sounds like the word for heel.  Esau was an avid outdoorsman, while Isaac was more of a homebody.  Esau foolishly sells his birthright to Jacob for some red lentil stew.  This sets the stage for an epic family conflict.

Then, Isaac makes the same mistake his father did, with Abimelech – a strange coincidence, to be sure.  But God still blesses Isaac and his family, and he grows prosperous and powerful in the land.


The Sermon on the Mount done, Jesus gets to work in chapter 8, healing a leper and a servant of a centurion.  Jesus is amazed at the faith of the centurion, who is a Gentile (a non-Jew).

We learn that Peter has a mother-in-law whom Jesus heals, and thus Peter was apparently married.

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